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Teams Prepare for Week of Sport

Feb 20 2008 10:35
The Dark Knight
Imperial's teams are gearing up for a week of high-profile sport, with the Bottle Match and Varsity all coming up in the next seven days.
The trouble with medics is they can fix each other when you break their legs... (Photo: Ian Gillet)

Imperial has two huge sporting events coming up in the next seven days, starting with the annual Bottle Match. Representatives of the Royal School of Mines will be heading into the deepest, darkest depths of Cornwall for a weekend of sport against their rivals in the Camborne School of Mines. Having lost the bottle last year for the first time in a decade, the miners will be looking to return it to South Kensington.

Those who play for both Mines and IC will have barely any time to recover from the weekend's excessive drinking before the annual Varsity Day on Wednesday 27th February. Imperial College teams will play the IC Medics in everything from rugby to water polo, culminating in ICU RFC vs ICSM RFC in Richmond, for the JPR Williams Rugby Varsity Match. The match, named after St Mary's old boy John Peter Rhys Williams, kicks of at 19:30. With both teams now in the BUSA Premiership after ICU RFC's recent promotion (and ICSM RFC just escaping relegation) the competition looks set to be fierce. With only 28 premiership teams in BUSA, it should be a good fight!

Spectators can purchase tickets for the final and rugby, football, lacrosse and hockey matches at Harlington. Netball, badminton, water polo squash will be played at Ethos, but with no spectators.

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Discussion about “Teams Prepare for Week of Sport”

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1. Miner   
Feb 23 2008 21:26

RSM have beaten Camborne in the Bottle Match to regain the Bottle! It's coming home!

Feb 24 2008 03:46

Bloody well done, glad to see the bottle coming home where it belongs! Congratulations to all involved.

3. Miner   
Feb 24 2008 21:01

13-10 to the RSM, a good match with some top quality banter about inbreeding ("Your dads your mothers brother and your all a bunch of c**nts" being my favourite).

Not to forget mens hockey who won their match. As for the other sports, well, its only the rugby that matters... they tried.

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