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Medics lose UH cup to GKT

Apr 05 2001 20:16
Mustafa Arif
Favourites beaten in Hospitals' Cup rugby final yesterday.
Medic rugby playes in inter-year training.

In a disappointing afternoon, Imperial Medics Rugby team lost the final of the University Hospitals' cup by 15 points to 13. Defeat came at the hands of GKT (the combined Guy's, King;s and St Thomas's medical schools team) at Old Deer Park yesterday. ICSM had been the pre-match favourites, having beaten GKT in the first round.

The match will have been devastating for the coach loads of Medic students that went along to support their team. This year's defeat is particularly disappointing as ICSM had won the UH Cup for the previous two years - as well as having won the University of London Cup, and reaching the final of the BUSA Championship.

Of course, yesterday's result pales into insignificance when compared to the upset of losing to C&G Rugby club in a friendly last year at Teddington (the Medics home ground)...

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Discussion about “Medics lose UH cup to GKT”

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1. anon   
Apr 06 2001 10:32

worth pointing out that the medics are too chicken to play in the Sparkes' Cup (the annual inter-CCU match at IC)

Apr 10 2001 12:14

I notice that you haven't mentioned the last time the Medics played IC - I believe that the score was 61-0 to the medics. Yes I know that we have lost in the past but we did only put out our 3rds team and still only narowly lost. A match v the other CCU's might suit our 3rds but not the 1st who already play over 40 matches a year.

Apr 10 2001 16:16

To be fair the Medics won't play any of the CCU rugby teams because the Medics would just walk over them. There is a reason for this. The recruitment criteria for the Med. School specifies (indirectly) that the rugby players are at an advantage. They don't recruit people who would make good doctors they recruit rugby players. Which explains a lot.

Apr 10 2001 17:58

So how do they deal with rugby injuries :-)

Apr 10 2001 18:37

Not to go into this to far but interviews select people for what they do outside the lecture theatre - which is what makes good doctors. Unfortuantely we do not just take people for their rugbly playing otherwise we would have won last week.

Apr 11 2001 11:59

Fair enough Lorne it was more of a wind up than anything else. Imperial College Med School is probably the finest in the country, which explains the state of the NHS :-)

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