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18 Sep 2009 18:43

Summary of Advertising

You may also be interested in advertising in the City & Guilds College Union print publication, Guildsheet. Please click here for details.

Live! offers advertising space to Imperial College Union clubs, Imperial College departments/divisions and external organisations. A variety of options are available depending on your needs.

Our standard advertising offer is a 468x60px banner, in animate GIF, JPEG, PNG or Flash format.

Contact to discuss your options - standard pricing is shown below.

Price breakdown

The pricing structure varies by season and by the person taking out the advert.

Rates for ICU Clubs and Committees are as follows:

Rates for Imperial College Departments and Divisions are as follows:

Rates for External Organisations are as follows:

All prices exclude VAT and are for a 480x60 banner advert in one advertising slot for one week.

Rates are defined as follows:

  • High rate: 20 Sep-15 Dec, 3 Jan-20 Mar, 10 Apr-30 Jun
  • Medium Rate: 16 Dec-2 Jan, 21 Mar-9 Apr, 1 Jul-14 Jul
  • Low rate: 15 Jul-19 Sep

About Live!

Live! is the award-winning student news website of Imperial College London. The primary content on Live! is news from Imperial and its students' union, Imperial College Union. Wider higher education issues are also covered where relevant to the audience, along with a mix of Opinion pieces and a Culture section dedicated to previews and reviews of Imperial's arts-related events.

A key part of the site is its entertaining, informative and at times explosive discussion feature.


Imperial College staff and alumni also frequent the site - many graduates over the past 6 years remain readers, if not active contributors.

If you are looking to advertise to an entirely student audience, why not advertise in our student magazine, Guildsheet?