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Best Bits from 2006-2007

01 Jun 2009 21:34

In August 2006 Live! was relaunched with a fresh look and some fresh ideas, while keeping old favourites popular with the audience. This page aims to show the best content from around Live! in the year after its relaunch, with selections made by the readers themselves, along with some Editor's picks.

2006-2007 saw two of the five most discussed articles in Live!'s seven year history, with a readership of around 500 people per week.

Top Discussion

  • Wye Blues: Only 10% Get 'Good' Degrees - an article originally intended to provoke a gentle response from the College, to make them look into problems at the Wye campus. A group of around twenty students descended on the associated discussion and caused a huge explosion. It did, however, get the attention of the College.
  • No Confidence Confirmed - an article on a no-confidence turned into a huge discussion on restructuring in the bars, which hadn't been reported due to HR restrictions.

Readers' Choice

Live! readers were asked to send in their thoughts about the best bits. There was some disagreement, with some people enjoying bits others hated.

  • NUS Coverage - In Autumn 2006 Imperial College Union held a referendum on NUS affiliation, which led to a 'heated' debate. We provided a completely new NUS mini-site to let each side have their view, with readers discussing the issues at the same time. Some people loved it, some hated it, but it generated an immense amount of interest.
  • Censuring of the DPGS - one of the first times in recent history that a sabbatical no-confidence looked like it might go through, Live! covered the ongoing problems for an extended period of time, starting with the first missed meetings and continuing with the first hints of tension in the sabb team.
  • Random Rants - A number of people have written opinion pieces during the year, including the former editor of the student newspaper at Glasgow. The Random Rant format carries controversial opinion or more light-hearted satire.
  • Snippets - Always a popular choice, Snippets carries a brief round-up of smaller news items, often with the tongue slightly in cheek.

Editor's Picks

In addition to the items above, there have been some other important articles which have let us use the new publishing platform to good effect:

  • Slave Auction - the annual slave auction raises money for charity by selling off Union figures. This was our first use of video and we got some fun photos throughout the evening.
  • Guilds Hustings Report - We used the new video features and a sensible write-up to make hustings, which are usually a waste of time, far more useful. We certainly hope it was of use to a wider audience than the limited number of people who attended hustings in person.
  • Mansions by Albert Hall Ablaze - Live! was in the thick of it as the London Fire Brigade scrambled a large number of appliances to help fight a fire opposite the College. Readers provided a good deal of assistance, including sending in their photos. We were able to provide rolling updates throughout the day.
  • Sir Richard Sykes Answers Your Questions - We teamed up with Imperial College Union's TV station, stoic tv, to arrange an interview with Sir Richard Sykes, as he started his final year as Rector of Imperial College. Readers submitted most of the questions in what turned into a very informative interview.
  • Brian May Hands in Thesis - Brian May took a few minutes to chat to Live! about his thesis and what at Imperial had changed since his time studying Physics.