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Best Bits from 2008-2009

08 Jun 2009 17:09

Previous Best Bits: 2006-2007 and 2007-2008

Top Discussion

Unsurprisingly the top discussion articles are also those with the most views over the last year.

  • Sports Club Spoils Imperial Reputation - when a Football Club Pub Crawl got out of hand in Hammersmith the topic of with 3,867 unique views of which just under 3,500 were in the 10 days after it was published.
  • Rejected Medical Student Attracts Criticism (93) with 3,053 page views of which just under 2,000 were in the 10 days after it was published. Not technically this year but as it happened after last years 'Best Bits' was released in June we thought it deserved a mention!

Editor's Choice

  • Stimulating Culture (and more than just mould) - Live! has covered Artsfest, [Imperial Idol| and an interview with Indie Band Reemer on [IC Radio's Flagship Show|
  • Eggsplosive fun - Egg Race, getting our report entered to the 'Documentary' section at the NaSTAs.
  • Rasing Money through Mascotry - the age old relationship between Mascotry and RAG came back with a bang this year as CGCU President, Mark Mearing-Smith, had his Spanner stolen. It all culminated in the CGCU Salve Auction and Bar Night which saw felix and Live! Editors going head to head to rebrand each others publications.
  • Challenging Scientists - no, not the popular baiting and banter between Engineers and Scientists, Live! covered all of the main events in the RCSU Science Challenge, streaming the keynote speeches live online where school children could watch from their school halls and the organiser could watch from his research lab at CERN.
  • Mullan Debacle - when ex-King's President and Live! Contributer, Chris Mullan, came under attack for alleged racist comments, Live! kept on top of the issue by blah blah blah Opinion - Random Rant 1836 Fired: Kings President Removed by College (51) with 1,688 page views

You Heard it Here First

We're very grateful to felix for all their help this year getting our articles out to a wider audience. The following articles were reprinted in felix under Live! Reporters and attributed to

And even more stories were first broken on Live! and later followed up in more depth in felix. Ensuring student's are kept up to date with the news, as it happens, without losing any of the details:

The above are only a selection, all of which made the felix front page!


With over 140 candidates for ICU and Faculty Union Positions in this years March Elections Live! certainly had our work cut out. 93 of the contenders were in the Engineering Faculty, where we used a new format for squeezing all of the candidates into one article.

Along with the usual Meet the Candidates and Manifestos, which gathered over 2,043 page views and 89 comments, we also had Fun and Games on two elections specials of VPT; ICRadio Interviews which got removed after a complaint; entertaining profiles of the ICU President and CGCU President Candidates with Live!'s answer to Jeremy Paxman, Milli Begum; the return of the Live! Competition to guess the results in which Live! Reader Gavin Evans won an ICU Summer Ball Ticket; Spoof Results, which weren't to everyones taste, and of course the [really real ones too!

Even a nominations article sparked a lot of interest as people tuned in to speculate about the candidates going forward. Although 40-50 people trying to view the same article at the same time caused the Live! Gremlins some headaches.

  • RCSU Manifestos (49)

The Best of the Rest

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