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Complaints Procedure

17 Feb 2008 18:49

In the event of a complaint about some of the content on Live!, you should follow the procedures laid out below. Failure to do so is likely to delay your complaint - most can be resolved at the first stage.

Please look for the subheading below which most closely matches your situation. If your complaint cannot be resolved informally as detailed below, the formal complaints process is described at the end of this page.

If you are the subject of an article

If you have been mentioned in an article and feel you have been treated unfairly, then please contact the Live! Editor before making a formal complaint. Most problems of this nature can be solved amicably. Please clearly state what your issue with the article is.

As the subject of an article you are entitled to some rights under the Press Complaints Commission Guidelines, which Live! adheres to. The most common complaint is regarding people's Right to Reply - please see the Right to Reply page to ensure you have been fairly treated.

If you are not the subject of an article, but have an objection to it

If you have an objection to an article which you are not the subject of, please contact the Live! Editor in the first instance. If you are able to provide factual corrections they will be gratefully received.

Please note that complaints about the unfair treatment of subject of the article (except by the subject themselves) are unlikely to result in any changes to a published article, but may influence future editorial guidelines.

If you wish to make a complaint about a discussion post

In most cases objectionable discussion posts can be removed simply by contacting the Live! Editor, if they have been posted anonymously. Where the author of a post is identifiable they may be invited to revise or retract it instead.

Formal Complaints Process

The formal complaints process has the following steps:

  1. Formal complaint to the Live! Editor
  2. Complaint to the ICU Mediation Board
  3. Appeal to the ICU Court

Attempting to skip steps will simply delay any complaint.

The first step of any complaint must be to the Live! Editor. This must be sent to , as complaints to personal email addresses will be ignored.

If your complaint is rejected, or you are unsatisfied with any remedial steps taken, you should refer the matter to the ICU Mediation Board, via the ICU Court. The mediation board will meet to consider your complaint and any remedial steps taken. It may dismiss the complaint or make recommendations for additional remedial measures.

The matter may finally be referred to the ICU Court for consideration if either you or the Live! Editor are dissatisfied with the mediation board's decision. The decision of the ICU Court is final.