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Live! - Wiki


11 Apr 2007 02:36


The Live! website ("Live!") consists of all pages running on the domain "" - that is, all pages which begin in the title bar of a web browser.

Live! is operated and maintained by the City and Guilds College Union Media Group ("CGCU Media Group"), a club of City and Guilds College Union ("CGCU") and Imperial College Union ("ICU").

Content Divisions

Content on Live! falls into a number of distinct categories. These are as follows:

  • News - the News and Sport sections carry articles describing current events. CGCU Media Group makes every effort to ensure the accuracy of the information in these articles, with the exception of the Spoof section which is deliberately and benevolently fabricated. Factual articles may contain a small element of opinion, however this will at all times be identifiable to the reader from its tone.
  • Opinion - the Opinion section contains articles which are purely the opinion of the author in question. By their nature these articles are biases and should be treated with appropriate caution.
  • User Contributions - Live! permits the discussion of articles, including anonymous posts. CGCU Media Group asserts no editorial control over these contributions and makes no attempt to actively moderate them. All comments are subject to deletion if deemed necessary by the Live! Editor or a moderator.

The Culture section contains a mix of news and opinion.


CGCU Media Group will endeavour to keep all articles on Live! factually correct, however no guarantees can be made. Any opinions expressed are solely those of the author in question and not necessarily those of the Live! Editor, CGCU Media Group or ICU. CGCU Media Group accepts no liability for any offence caused by content on Live!, nor for any perceived harm resulting from articles which are factually correct.

CGCU Media Group accepts no responsbility for unmoderated user contributions, nor for the content of any external websites linked to anywhere on Live!

CGCU Media Group asserts editorial independence from CGCU and ICU at all times. It is not a union newsletter and its content cannot be dictated by any union officer.

In the event you should have a complaint regarding any content published on Live!, please follow the Complaints Procedure to ensure a swift resolution. Failure to do so will delay your complaint.