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ICU Mediation Board

11 Apr 2007 03:15

The ICU Mediation Board consists of the people in charge of the major Imperial College Union publications and acts as a peer-review board in the case of complaints. People on the board include:

  • One member of ICU Court (chairing)
  • Felix Editor
  • stoic tv Station Manager
  • ICRADIO Station Manager
  • PhotoSoc Chairman
  • Live! Editor
  • Guildsheet Editor
  • Broadsheet Editor
  • ICSM Gazette Editor

When a media complaint is first received by the ICU Court it will be referred to the mediation board for resolution. A panel will be drawn from those non-conflicted members of the board to hear the complaint and make a recommendation on the next step to take: either dropping the complaint, or some form of remedial action.

Complaints may be referred back to the ICU Court should the outcome be unsatisfactory for either party.