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20 Mar 2010 13:03

Anyone can write for Live!

If you've got some news or an opinion to communicate to an audience of over 800 Imperial students, staff and alumni, all you have to do is log in with your Imperial username and password. If you are not currently at Imperial or are having problems, , who can add you to the system.

See the Live! publishing guidelines for notes on how to write articles in the correct style and how to submit them.

Join the Team

Live! and other Media Group publications are always looking for good journalists to write news and comment. As the premier student media site at Imperial College writing for Live! is one of the best ways to reach a wide audience. If you are a student thinking of pursuing a career in writing or journalism... just think of the CV points.

There is more to Live! than just writing articles - there are opportunities to edit various sections, or even the whole publication. In addition you can take responsibility for a particular news area. See the list below for some ideas of what is available.

Live! Positions

The following positions are available from year-to-year - editorial positions are usually filled before August each year, but please express an interest if you would like to take on the role next year.

Live! Editor

Co-ordinate the Live! empire, liaising with other College and Union media as appropriate. Determine the direction of the publication, what gets published and what does not. Find scandals and breaking news.

Current Affairs Reporter

Liaise with sabbatical officers, other union media and the general student body to keep Live!'s finger on the pulse of current union activities, mistakes, scandals and affairs.

Higher Education Reporter

Watch the higher education press for relevant news and analysis, then present it in an easy-to-read yet informative form for the Live! readership.

Comment Editor

Co-ordinate columnists for the Opinion section and maybe write a column yourself.


Have your own column on Live!, your place to share your opinions with the readers. Or, if you just have something to say as a one-off, have a Random Rant.

Culture Editor

Co-ordinate reviews of College, Union and external cultural events, for publication in the Culture section.

Culture Reviewer(s)

Review College, Union and external cultural events for the Culture section.

Sports Editor

Organise coverage of both Imperial sporting matches and London sporting events; including Imperial Students running the London Marathon, the Oxford-Cambridge boat race and the ongoing Olympic Stadium developments. Should liaise with the ACC Chair and sporting captains in order to provide the best possible coverage of events.

External Correspondents

Study at another University in the London area? Want to write stories for Live!? Just let us know! We're happy to include the happenings of other London students in our pages.

Join the technical team

The C&G Media Group technical team, which is responsible for Live! as well as the main CGCU web site, can give you the opportunity to work with cutting edge technology - and pick up a few new skills in the process. Our public website development is mainly in a UNIX environment (PHP, Perl and Apache) while Intranet sites are developed on Microsoft Windows 2003 using ASP.

To find out how to get involved contact the CGCU Webmaster, CGCU President or .