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Right to Reply

11 Apr 2007 03:27

Under the Press Complaints Commission Guidelines the subject of an article in a publication has a right to reply. Live! adheres to these guidelines.

What "Right to Reply" means

Right to reply means a person must be given the opportunity to respond to any allegations made against them in a publication. In most cases this would mean they would be contacted before publication so their side of the story may be put across to the audience in the same article.

Due to the nature of Live!, it is not always possible to contact all subjects of an article before its publication, as publication times are measured in minutes and hours rather than days and weeks.

Right to reply does not mean a person must be contacted before publication. However, it does mean that they must be given the opportunity to put their side of the story across after publication. Live! offers an open discussion at the end of each article, which may be used as a means of right to reply without contacting the editor. A more formal alternative is to request an addendum to an article, or in the case of a complete factual inaccuracy a retraction. Both of these options are possible by contacting the Live! Editor.