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Live! - Wiki

What is Live!

22 Nov 2007 16:54

Live! is an award-winning news website for students at Imperial College, with a bias towards Engineering students who are represented by City & Guilds College Union. It is the only regularly updated online news source at Imperial and also the only one to continue reporting over the summer.

What does Live! write about?

Live! carries news from around Imperial College and Imperial College Union, with extra coverage of the Faculty of Engineering. With no paper publication to worry about, Live! can focus on delivering up to the minute news in the most effective way possible, with regularly updated articles on breaking news.

Live! has a heavy bias towards student politics within Imperial College, being the news source of choice for officers of Imperial College Union - the words "I didn't know this was happening until I read it on Live!" are often heard at meetings.

What content does Live! offer?

Content on Live! is primarily text-based news, with one or more photographs per article to illustrate the event. At the start of 2007 we added the ability to display videos, increasing the breadth of our coverage. Co-operation with Imperial's student television station, stoic tv has led to the introduction of politically-focused video content on the site by syndicating weekly news bulletins and the "Ask the President" show.

Can I get involved?

Everyone is welcome to contribute to Live! - if you fancy writing news, having your own column, or would like to get involved in the technical side then Join The Team.

If you have a story, or information about a story, let us know so we can investigate further. More information on how to contact us can be found on the Got a Story? page.